Join us for the 2016 Summer Season

2016 Six-Week Summer Season is June 26th-August 7th.

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Check Out Our Workshops

Multiple-class workshops with fantastic teachers, accomplished musicians, and good company. An immersive Noyes Rhythm experience!

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What is Noyes Rhythm?

Created by Florence Fleming Noyes in the early 1900’s, Noyes Rhythm is a movement system that brings ease and strength to your body, while opening you up to great creativity in art and life.

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Afternoon Rhythm in Arts

Explore the Arts with our weekly guests. Learn about herbalism, drawing, dance, life skills and more!

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Joy in Movement, Joy in Life


Noyes Rhythm–a movement and spiritual practice with roots in early 20th century dance–releases, strengthens and harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit.

Noyes Rhythm work inspires creativity, joy and freedom of expression in the arts and in life.

The Noyes Rhythm method includes technique and intuitive movement, often in collaboration with a live musician.

Noyes Rhythm movement always reflects the great forces of nature, of which we are a part.


“The body will do marvelous things if you trust in the rhythm of the sea, fall back into the universal rhythms of nature.”– Florence Fleming Noyes

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